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In California
look for us in:
Victorville -
San Bernardino -
Riverside -
Adelanto -
and Hesperia!

Turf-Painters Enterprise
Best Quality - Best Service - Best Prices
Does your lawn need a little refreshing!
Get your curb appeal back!
Have your grass painted or do it yourself and SAVE!
From Brown to Green 60 minutes flat!
(Click here See Video)
It's fast, easy, safe for Humans, pets and the environment!
100% non toxic, biodegradable Bermuda Green Turf Dye. 

Order Now!

Super Concentrate Turf Dye!

One gallon of our Super Concentrate Turf Dye will yield 10 to 15 Gallons of ready to use Lawn Paint!

Our PermaFast Lawn paint is time-tested and approved by environmental agencies.
We have used it for years keeping sports fields and golf courses in pristine condition.
REO agents, HOA communities and homeowners; avoid costly code violations for dead grass by spraying it green today!

100% safe for home use and 100% EASY to apply!

Quart: Covers 700 to 1,000 sq feet* $49.90
1/2 Gallon: Covers 1,000 to 1,500 sq feet* $89.90
One Gallon: Covers 1,500 to 3,000 sq feet* $149.90
Multiple gallon orders: Please call for volume discount.
Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the contiguous U.S.
*Mix 10-15 parts water to 1 part dye depending on desired color.
We can ensure green grass all year around. We service the Valley of the sun. From Phoenix to Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Sun City! We are a Turf grass Painting Company. Our exclusive Grass Painting equipment combined with our outstanding Service will ensure your satisfaction.

Established in 2008
owner retiring...

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Best Lawn Mowing Alternative!

Yes you can have a lush green lawn all year round.

Your grass will always be greener with the Turf Painter at your service!


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Turf Painters can ensure instant green grass all year around. We service the Valley of the sun. From Phoenix to Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Sun City! We are a Turf Painting Company. Our exclusive Grass Paint and equipment combined with our outstanding Service will ensure your satisfaction. lawn signs



Looking for that curb appeal? Let Turf Painters paint - dye your lawn green so you can get that Sale.  Here is a no maintenance way to a instant lush green lawn even in winter.

In winter, warm season grasses like Bermuda grass go dormant. If you want your lawn to stay green through the winter you have two choices. You can reseed with costly winter rye grass or you can apply a green turf dye. We carry both, but if you are looking for a NO maintenance cost effective quick fix, we carry an excellent Turf-Dye product that will keep your lawn looking lush and green through the winter month.

Turf-Dye is a specially engineered environmentally safe product that is easily applied to any lawn. We premix the dye at the recommended rate in our pressure sprayer rig and apply it to the area you want to treat. If needed we'll scalp the dead grass then cover sidewalks and curbs while applying the dye. The color will remain on the plant until it starts growing again in the spring.

Lawn painting has become a common practice throughout the US! It instantly saves on water and looks fresh and green as soon as the green grass paint is applied. Our grass painters are experienced professional experts in the care of dead brown lawns. By painting your lawn and keeping your grass green, Turf Painters will give your home the curb appeal you always wanted without the constant work associated  with caring for your lawn. grasspainting is our way of saving you time and money.

In the Great State of California look for us in:
Victorville - San Bernardino - Riverside - Adelanto - and Hesperia! 

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                                  About our Lawn Paint!                                       


1. We only use grass paint or dye designed especially for painting on grass. The company that makes the green turf paint has been around for over twenty years and supplies Golf Courses, major Sports Arenas and many other great institutions.

2. The green turf dye creates a lattice-like effect on the grass blade, so it still receives some sunlight and can continue to grow 

3. There is no quick drying agents in this lawn paint like in household paints. Those agents can kill your lawn.

4. When we paint your lawn, we are painting the dead grass blades, not the root system that is so vital to the growth of the grass.

5. Our professional application method assures the survival of your lawn.


Don’t waste precious Water!

Paint your Lawn!

Before Lawn painting!

After Lawn Painting!
The lawn in the bottom image has been painted as in sprayed with green landscaping paint. It’s a lazy gardener’s dream: a zero-effort plush lawn that looks great from the street, but doesn’t suck down time and resources.
Of course, it’s more than just a question of convenience these days. With record droughts spreading out across the United States, Australia, and elsewhere, it’s getting hard to justify the 750 to 1,500 gallons a month of drinkable water required to keep the average lawn healthy.
Lawn painting is a job for a pro, and Turf Painters has the expertise and the right equipment to green your world.  The process is environmentally friendly and lasts 3 to 4 month, depending on how much rain and foot traffic you get.
Short of xeriscaping — outfitting your yard with rock gardens and native plants that don’t require cultivation — lawn painting is probably the best bet for areas under watering restrictions. It’s also sure to cheese your brown-lawned neighbors, which makes it all worthwhile.
Instant Green Grass
enjoy a perfect green lawn all year round. Cost effective lawn care with great results.
Call 602-539-6085 for FREE estimate!
Note: We are preparing to start operations in California!
look for us in Victorville - San Bernardino - Riverside - Adelanto - and Hesperia!
Owner Operator needed for the above region.
Call Toll Free 877-347-6289 for Franchise information.

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